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About Us

We are a team of exceptionally experienced maternal health professionals in NYC — midwives, doulas, educators, passionate community members, and engaged organizations — working together to help drive the mission of The Birthing Place forward. We are BIPOC-led, multilingual and serving our community with the desire to create a maternity care system that centers the marginalized. This results in an improved experience for all.

Our goal is to create a sanctuary that offers personalized loving support for the planning, expectant, and newly-blossomed family. Our work saves and substantially improves lives, creating future birth stories of hope and empowerment. Maintaining our clear vision to open a birth center, we move through key phases: (1) education, (2) wellness, (3) birth.

Until we can build a brick and mortar birth center, Womb Bus, our wellness hub on wheels, functions as a vehicle through which we can reach our community with critical services more immediately, providing perinatal support, preconception education, reproductive counseling, and increased access to nutrition counseling, mental health support, and supplementary bodywork modalities.

We are proud to be a trusted resource for families to connect to and uplift reproductive health. We have provided education to thousands of families, extended wellness via Womb Bus to shift the narrative in Bronx neighborhoods statistically known to suffer the greatest maternal and infant mortality and morbidity, and now, we’re driving our mission forward, as we enter a transition phase to provide direct reproductive, well-person and clinical care to the families we serve. Launching a medical practice is a key step that fuels our plans to build a birth center on land allocated for the future existence of The Birthing Place.

Additional administrative team members:

  • Lorena Estrella Marketing
  • Kruti Kadiwala Administrative Intern
  • Neha Reddy Administrative Intern
  • Maya Luna Guevara Program Implementation for Bronx Doula Access Project
  • Chelsea Rodriguez Development Consultant
  • Damiris Perez Grant Consultant
  • JC Cook Bookkeeper
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