Bringing Baby Home

Bringing Baby Home

Bringing Baby Home is not your usual newborn care and breastfeeding class.

Rooted in prenatal and perinatal psychology, this 3-hr class explores a holistic approach to supporting the newborn’s early experiences. This class is designed to help the expectant parents become more confident at recognizing and meeting the needs of their little one. Class covers all the practical things new parents need to know – like diapering, soothing, and feeding – with an emphasis on creating the foundation for a secure attachment pattern and a much more rewarding parenting journey for all.

Topics include: 

  • Immediate post-birth bonding
  • Standard newborn procedures
  • Infant’s appearance at birth
  • Newborn’s abilities
  • Understanding the baby’s cues
  • Breast/body feeding basics
  • Infant hygiene, including bathing, diapering and cord care
  • Importance of tummy time
  • Soothing techniques, including swaddling
  • First night at home with baby
  • Newborn sleep patterns 
  • When to call the pediatrician

Classes are a mix of lecture, video, and discussion. 

Fee includes the pregnant person + one support person.

Date(s): July 28, 2022
Time: 6:30pm - 9:30pm
Investment: $195.00
Location: Zoom link provided upon registration