Virtual Womb Bus! ACUPUNCTURE: Walda Laurenceau

Walda Laurenceau of Roots and Essence Acupuncture provides an understanding of how this wellness service can complement your fertility, pregnancy, and postpartum journeys. Walda also discusses nutrition and acupressure points helpful to know for manual application. Password: womb

Prenatal Yoga: Courtney McClain & Keesha Hernandez @ Female Fight Club

Prenatal yoga class allows and encourages expectant mamas/birthing people to openly and comfortably share in their pregnancy experiences, concerns and fears, as well as offer tremendous amounts of support in a calm and nurturing environment. Physical postures, help to build...

Comfort & Coping Strategies for Labor

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This class is meant to supplement and complement what you have already learned in a childbirth preparation class. It covers a wide range of approaches and techniques to manage labor discomfort and includes ample time to practice under skillful guidance. ...

Event Series Hospital Birthing & Advocacy

Hospital Birthing & Advocacy

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Hospitals are the most common birth location in the US. Although birthing is a normal physiological event, when birthing in a hospital setting, often times technology is considered more important than the birthing person and “managing” labor is more important...

Event Series Estrategias De Afrontamiento

Estrategias De Afrontamiento

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Esta clase tiene la intención de suplementar y complementar lo que ya se ha aprendido en una clase de preparación para el parto. La misma cubre una gran variedad de técnicas para hacerle frente y sobrellevar las molestias del trabajo...