Hi! Thank you so much for taking action to help inform your senators about the need for more birth centers throughout NYC. Below is a sample of what you might include in your letter. Follow this link: https://www.nysenate.gov//legislation/bills/2019/A10440 , to send a message directly to the folks who represent your district. 

Sample Script for Message to your Senators:

“I am a [mother, father, parent, concerned citizen, birthworker, lactation consultant] from [the Bronx, Westchester, Manhattan, etc]. There has been a LONG-STANDING need for New Yorkers to have more birthing options- presently, there are very limited alternatives to hospital birth, which are not readily accessible, nor enough to meet the need. A wonderful team of birth workers are working to open a free-standing midwifery-led birth center in the Bronx, called The Birthing Place, which will be fully accredited by CABC. This is so important and needed by Bronx families, and will help to improve care and improve birth outcomes for families. 

Midwifery led birth centers are long overdue in NYC, despite a great deal of evidence pointing to how midwives improve birth outcomes for families. Our community would like to see this new center opened. This legislation will help make this center possible, and ensure that there are no unnecessary barriers to its development. I personally urge you to pass this bill in support of families across NYC.  


Thank you,

[Your Name]”

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