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The United States is facing a maternal health crisis.

Today, a pregnant person is twice as likely to die from pregnancy-related complications than a generation ago. Black and Indigenous people are 2-3 times more likely than white people to die from these causes. In NYC, life threatening complications of pregnancy and birth have been steadily on the rise, currently affecting nearly 3,000 women a year in the city alone.

Due to the history of racism and divestment in the Bronx, Bronx families face alarming rates of disparities in maternal care. The Bronx needs investments in safer and affirming birthing alternatives that will yield better birth outcomes for BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, and People of Color) communities.

That’s where The Birthing Place comes in.

The Birthing Place is a team of exceptionally experienced BIPOC maternal health professionals in NYC — midwives, doulas, educators, and engaged organizations — working together to advance a maternity care system that centers and responds to the community.

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Now is the time to make our work a reality for families in the Bronx!

With a vision to reimagine birth and ensure asustainable space and model that is rooted inBIPOC safety, possibility and joy, we plan toexpand services and begin building our first-of-its kind birth center by 2025.


  • 414 Birth Centers in the United States
  • 21 BIPOC-led Birth Centers in the United States
  • 1 Commission for the Accreditation of Birth Centers (CABC) in New York, 2 in-progress
  • 0 BIPOC, Midwifery-led Birth Centers in NYS

Data derived from American Association of Birth Centers

Community Birth Centers are part of the solution.

Phase 1: Education, Phase 2: Wellness Clinic, Phase 3: Birth Center


TBP Education Highlights

Since 2020, TBP has partnered with numerous organizations, including NY Presbyterian, Bronx Healthy Start, The Bronx Health Link, and Northern Manhattan Perinatal Partnership to bring our doula-led, 3-week Comprehensive Childbirth Education classes.

Through our 6-week New Parent Support Groups, we were able to create community and belonging both virtually and inperson for Bronx families.

We developed and launched our Deep Dive education in direct response to community requests for the following topics:

  • Hospital Birthing & Advocacy
  • Comfort & Coping Strategies for Labor
  • Preparing for a Cesarean Birth
  • Labor Induction
  • The Epidural

TBP is proud to prioritize language access by offering all educational materials in English & Spanish with hopes of expanding to meet the community’s needs.

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“One of the best classes I was able to attend in my life. I felt that I was in the right place at the right time. Thank you for everything, answering my questions and giving me confidence in the choices I’ll make for the arrival of my baby.”

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Wellness on Wheels

The Womb Bus, our mobile health & wellnesshub, provides perinatal support, preconceptioneducation, reproductive counseling, andincreased access to nutrition counseling,mental health support, and supplementarybodywork modalities.

Womb Bus offers:

  • A place to connect moms, family members,community, to each other and the baby
  • Physical, emotional, and information support
  • Workshops uniquely tailored for communities in Maternal Toxic Areas — breaking through barriers to quality care
  • Real tools necessary to have power and agency in their childbearing decisions


Maryam Reproductive Health + Wellness is a three-office clinic with a dedicated community space and a key step towards opening our future birth center.

Beyond valuable education and resources, Phase 2 gives us the ability to provide direct clinical services via our collaborative Midwifery-led medical practice. 

Maryam Reproductive Health + Wellness will offer personalized support for the planning, expectant, and newly blossomed family, providing:

Midwifery and OB/GYN Care
Postpartum Care
Lactation Support
Supplemental Bodywork
Community Wellness Programs
Educational Workshops

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We are working to raise $5 million in the next 2 years.

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Every family deserves safe, dignified, and joyful birthing experiences.

Help Build Our Birth Center

With Womb Bus and Maryam Reproductive Health + Wellness delivering care, our BIPOC team of midwives, doulas and doctors are ready to bring The Birthing Place to life.

The Birthing Place will:

  • nurture and empower people living through their reproductive (and post-reproductive) years with culturally responsive, multi-lingual, full spectrum, person-centered care.
  • offer a data-driven, community-centered solution to the systemic inequalities that drive the maternal health crisis.
  • save lives, foster joy, and invigorate community.

Now is the time to go beyond research and invest in proven community based solutions that work! The Birthing Place is uniquely positioned to implement a radical, comprehensive model of care, changing the narrative and outcomes for birthing families in New York State.


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Myla Flores

Founder & COO
The Birthing Place

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Carla M. Williams, MD, OBGYN

Medical Director

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Nuranisa Rae, CNM, LM


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Claribel Marmol, RN, MPH, CNM

Midwife, Advocate

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Bruce McIntyre

Community Member & Activist

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Nubia Martin

Advisor, Activist & Midwife